Slept for nearly 12 hours! Had breakfast and then set off kayaking. I’ve never kayaked before: it’s not difficult but it makes your arms ache like hell when you’re not used to it. We kayaked across the bay to the cafe opposite – it’s supposed to be 45 minutes away but took me about double that time! I say cafe – but really it’s like someone’s house that’s been converted for commercial use. It’s a bit run down, but kind of a cute place. After a snack we paddled round to look at the shipwreck in a nearby cove and then set off back to Hopewell – I expected it to be quicker on the way back but it still took me ages. It’s the most beautiful bay though and we had lovely views the whole way. Spent the afternoon swimming, hot tubbing, reading and lazing in the sunshine (oh and doing our laundry – can’t forget the essentials). Then had dinner down at the main building. There’s a change of visitors tonight and I don’t recognise any faces from the previous night. It’s odd that the clientele here seem to be mainly on the older side: maybe it’s a bit pricey for the usual backpacker contingent. After dinner John and I escaped the crowds (especially two particularly whiney Americans) and went for a walk and nose around the bay to look at the other houses here: it’s so remote – like being in the Scottish isles but with warmer weather. Said goodnight to the chickens (who enjoy scratching around underneath our cottage) and then retired with my book for the evening (no TV here).