No specific plans today so stroll down to the ferry terminal and catch a ferry over to Devonport.  Although Devonport appears to be an island it’s actually part of the Northland mainland – about 10 minutes away by ferry.  Devonport is gorgeous – a sort of beach version of Holt – full of pastel clapperboard houses, antique shops and pavement cafes.  Ursula suggested we visit the Peter Raos glass gallery (she has done some business with Peter) and this proved fatal: the glass is gorgeous and I’m struck by it immediately.  Only agree to leave the shop kicking and screaming when John promises to buy a beautiful perfume bottle for my birthday (we’ll order it from home later).  We walk over to the Naval Museum: Devonport is the home of the NZ Navy and they have a grand total of 3 warships.  Currently they appear to be on peacekeeping missions in glorious sunny Devonport.  John has a long chat with a member of the museum – who offers to swap jobs with him!  He’s very impressed that John works for the IWM.  After the museum we walk the length of the high street, have lunch and then climb up (another) volcano – Mt Victoria –  spectacular views from up here.  There are several schools (infants and kindergarten) built on the volcano – eat your heart out health & safety police!  We make our way back to Auckland in the early afternoon and walk around the shops a little then return to Braemar.  Spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out the damn picture software – they’re coming I promise!  Ursula & Peter come over on their scooter at about 8pm and we walk down to the harbour front.  Have a stroll around and admire some of the yachts.  The place is heaving and Peter says “what recession?” – but I said the yachting people must be bringing the money in – swigging champagne in local bars.  We go to Euro for dinner – this restaurant could be in the heart of London – but for the fact the people are much more casually dressed.  It’s very trendy and has curtains and glass sliding doors to the cubicles in the ladies loos.  They also have an impressive wine list!  I’m actually starting to recognise some of the districts and local vineyards now.  Drink wine by the glass in order to try a greater selection.  Have a fun dinner and then stroll up to the Hyatt for coffee and then back to Braemar.   Try to lure Peter & Ursula in for coffee/drinks with John & Susan but they beat a hasty retreat.  Bed after midnight and we have to get up early tomorrow for our long drive!