Well we’re onto our last few days holiday now so we’ve got to make the most of it.  I forgot to mention that our trendy hotel room doesn’t have a window (it’s a bit like a very luxury prison) so consequently got up today and put on a cotton dress and went outside and it was raining!  Oh well, it’s not too cold.  Walked round the corner to Cathedral Square and booked a tour for tomorrow to see all the sites.  Then had a look around the Cathedral – it’s a lovely place – very peaceful, although not very old of course c.1880.  Checked out the comic book shop and Flames of War game stuff for John and then returned to Cathedral Square to watch the Shrove Tuesday pancake race!  Sometimes the best things in life really are free.  It was great fun watching the clergy race against local schools, colleges and other businesses while flipping pancakes!  Spent the afternoon shopping (John splurged on two jackets – probably his biggest clothes spend since our wedding) and took a ride on the free bus around the city.  Note: must write to Cambridge City Council suggesting that if they were to provide free transport around the city centre then they could restrict private transport and improve congestion all in one hit!  Had a large dinner in a local restaurant – fortunately everything is within walking distance of our hotel.