Well the dolphin encounter didn’t quite end up as planned.  We set our alarm clock for 4.50am and I didn’t even mind getting up then because I was so excited.  We had a cup of tea and then left for the centre again (in the pitch black this time).  We are checked in straight away and I go to get my wet suit (John’s elected not to swim).  Have a briefing where they tell us that dolphins interact best when people dive down, swim in circles and make noises – should be entertaining for the observers at least – and then leave on the bus.  It’s only 5 mins down to the shoreline and then we’re split onto 3 boats.  It’s cool, dark and misty as we leave.  Sit at the back of the boat (which is supposed to be the most stable area) but start to feel seasick almost immediately.  The journey takes about 40 minutes and am sick nearly the whole way.  Then all of a sudden I see a wild Dusky Dolphin in the water!   My excitement overcomes my sickness for a minute.  Then we see crowds of dolphins – it’s fascinating seeing them jump out of the water in pairs.  I struggle into my snorkle mask and get into the water – it’s actually a relief to be in the water and off the boat.  It’s a bit rough and it’s hard to make much out underwater.  See the dolphins around us but not to swim next to which is a bit disappointing.  We’re given the signal to return to the boat and we try moving to a different area – the guide tells us that the dolphins are reacting strangely and don’t seem keen on interaction this morning.  We try swimming again – manage to drop into the water right by a moving pair but they leave me standing!  See another dolphin swim underneath me but that’s the closest I get.  Try another paddle around and then we have to board again.  The boat follows the dolphins a little way so people can take photos but John & I are both feeling too lousy by then to get the camera out.  Sitting at the back of the boat we do get to watch the dolphins though which is great.  The journey home is much quicker – about 20 minutes, but both feeling pretty rough by then.  Shower and change at Dolphin Encounter and then struggle back to the motel.  Neither of us can face another boat ride so call Whale Watch to cancel – they tell me to come in for a refund.  I’m amazed they’re going to return the money seeing as I’ve cancelled at the last minute – I think that’s very decent of them.  Both Dolphin Encounter and Whale Watch seem very well organised – I think we’ve just been unlucky with the sea and weather conditions.  Return to the motel for a sleep and later go to Whale Watch for the refund – they offer me another tour instead but as they have a sea sickness warning up we both decline!  Lunch in town and then a spot of shopping (back at Dolphin Encounter – we have a discount card).  Buy a beautiful jacket and T-Shirt made from Merino wool performance wear.  Spend the afternoon chilling out and watch movies in the evening and eat at our motel.