We arrive in Japan in early morning and the rain. We’re not supposed to exit immigration but the door to connecting flights is closed. We, and numerous confused caucasian passengers, stare at the notices. It’s John who comes to rescue by tracking down a minute Japanese police officer who directs us downstairs and round the corner to the shuttle bus – the route is so obscure we’d never have found it on our own. The shuttle bus takes about an hour to turn up. We meet some English people from Bristol and have a good moan together. Eventually we get to terminal 2 and check into our shower and day room. It’s morning in Japan and we happily shower and go to bed. Have a good sleep, wake up in the evening and both feel like breakfast (oh no our body clocks are completely off sync). Spend an hour exploring Narita airport. We try green tea kit kat and a bizzarre green tea chocolate drink. Am tempted by bonking dog USB keys and other weird and wonderful items but restrain ourselves. See here for picture of the shop. Eventually get onto the plane. We’re off! Oh no, we’re not, we’re queuing again. Flight leaves approx 45 minutes late. Although the food and service is great I’m feeling a bit rough.  Sleep fitfully and feel sorry for myself.